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Green Purple Blue Multi-Color Grey White Black Yellow Maroon Gold Red Silver Coral 3. Dermatologically Tested Ophthalmologically Tested Vitamin E Cruelty-Free Fragrance-Free Paraben-Free Mineral Oil-Free Water Resistant Vitamin A Anti-Oxidants 9.

My Custom MAC Eyeshadow Palette: Part 1

Vegan 3. Oil-Free 1. Hypo-allergenic 1.


Pressed Powder The key to removing the eyeshadows from the pan is to use a low heat. We only want to loosen the glue that adheres the metal eyeshadow tin to your plastic compact. Slow and low is the rule here. I have ruined a couple of my eyeshadows because I was in a hurry and wanted to experiment using a higher heat.

It definitely changed the texture of the shadows that way, and made them unusable. Layer your baking sheet with aluminum foil. We are putting non- food safe plastic on your baking sheets, so better safe than sorry. Place your eyeshadows on the sheet with the tops flipped all the way open.

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Heat the eyeshadows for about 5 minutes, then check. I like to check the eyeshadows about every 5 minutes or so. Some will loosen right away and some will take a few minutes longer. As soon as you see the metal tin peel away from the plastic, then they are ready to be removed from the plastic containers. Remove the pan from the oven with your oven mitt.

Let them cool a few minutes. Slide the metal file underneath the metal tin and peel it up. As soon as you can handle the tin safely, then add the self-adhesive magnet to the bottom of each eyeshadow tin. There may be residual glue underneath the metal tin already.

Create Your Own Makeup Palette

Peel up the stickered label from the bottom of your old eyeshadow pot and place it on top of the magnet. Then, stick the new magnets to your empty eyeshadow palette and you viola!

The Latest

You have learned to make an eyeshadow palette of your own makeup that you can customize however you like. Sugarpill eyeshadows. Yaby highlighters and bronzers , powder foundations and setting powder. Colour Pop blushes , bronzers and highlighters 44mm round. Inglot rectangular, size varies by product.

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  • 4 Ways to Build Your Own Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Makeup Forever eyeshadows and blushes, highlighters and contours rectangular, size varies by product. Makeup Geek blushes 44mm round. Nabla eyeshadows 30mm round.

    What do you think is the best custom eyeshadow palette? : MakeupRehab

    Yaby eyeshadows 15mm round and blushes 30mm round. Most of these products are in tin pans, which will stick to a magnetic palette perfectly. However, MAC pans are aluminium much cheaper than tin , which are not attracted to magnets. They get around this by sticking a magnet on the back of each pan, and putting a ferrous metal in the palette instead.

    You can still use MAC pans in a magnetic palette, you just need to take the magnet off the bottom of the pan and replace it with a metal sticker, which you can buy from eBay or Amazon. Conversely, to put anything other than MAC pans into a MAC palette, you will have to stick magnets on the bottom of the pans, which you can also buy from eBay or Amazon. Magnetic palettes themselves are available from many brands, in many sizes, and in freestyle and welled versions.

    A freestyle palette has no wells, and is simply an open space to put your pans like my Bright Spring palette at the top of this post.

    As a result, you can fit pans of any size or shape into a freestyle palette, and more of them than into a welled palette of similar dimensions. Hold 15 shadows, available in Black , Pink or Rose Leopard. Freedom Travel Palette holds 15 shadows. Freedom Palette holds 40 shadows. Small palette holds 12 shadows. Large palette holds 24 shadows.

    Here's How To Build A Palette You'll Actually Use

    Travel Vault holds 9 shadows. Mega Vault holds 28 shadows. Hold 20 shadows, available in Black or French Grey. Mini palette holds 3 shadows. Small palette holds 9 shadows. Medium palette holds 15 shadows. Large palette holds 28 shadows also available in other colours.